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The Tax Institute Connect system requirements

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The Tax Institute Connect system requirements
by Matt Hodkinson - Monday, 3 August 2015, 10:26 AM

For your learning portal to run effectively we recommend that you utilise the configurations and settings as described below:

Recommended operating system

Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OSX Yosemite, iPad Mobile devices

You may use your mobile device to access the learning portal, however for optimal functionality we recommend using a normal web browser on a desktop or laptop computer. This is particularly important if you are completing an assessment or activity that has a grading component.

Recommended web browser

If you have any difficulty accessing your learning portal, check that you are using one of the supported browsers below before you email the Education team:

  • Google Chrome 22 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 15 or later
  • Internet Explorer 9.0 or later
  • Safari 8 or later
Internet Explorer 8

We do not recommend using Internet Explorer 8 version. This version should still work but there may be some functions that you will not be able to perform. Therefore we suggest you download Explorer 9.0. If you are using Internet Explorer 9 and experience problems accessing your learning portal, visit this page, Fix site display, for assistance.

Download the latest browser

ChromeFirefoxInternet ExplorerSafari

If you are on a computer that is maintained by your IT administrator/support and you cannot install a new browser, request permission to download the browser.

Web browser settings

The following must be enabled:


Enabling cookies - Internet Explorer

Enabling cookies - Mozilla/Firefox

Enabling cookies - Chrome


Enabling pop-ups - Internet Explorer

Enabling pop-ups - Mozilla/Firefox

Enabling pop-ups - Chrome


Enabling JavaScript - Internet Explorer

Enabling JavaScript - Mozilla/Firefox

Enabling JavaScript - Chrome

Enabling JavaScript - Android

Enabling JavaScript - iOS on iPhone or iPad

Software for viewing your resources 

To be able to view certain types of content on your learning portal we recommend you have the following software installed on your system:

Internet connection speed

Use a broadband connection (256 Kbit/sec or faster—this will ensure that you can view videos and online presentations) through USB wireless modem, ADSL, T1/T2, fibre optic or cable. Dial-up access will be significantly slower, and we do not recommend it for using Moodle.


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